Majjhima Nikaya

Majjhima Nikaya

Majjhima Nikaya

The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha

(A Living Word of the Buddha project)

by Piya Tan (c)2009


  1. M 1 Mulapariyaya Sutta (The true nature of “final states” and concepts)
  2. [M 1] J 245 Mulapariyaya Jataka (How conceit prevents awakening)
  3. M 2 Sabbasava Sutta (FULL ver with notes & sutta: 26 pages) (Methods of overcoming our defilements)
  4. M 2 Sabbasava Sutta (sutta only: 8 pages) (Methods of overcoming our defilements) 
  5. M 3 Dhammadayada Sutta Sariputta on how to inherit the Dharma 
  6. M 7 Vatthupama Sutta Parable of the Cloth (We are purify internally by the mind)
  7. M 8 Madhupindika Sutta Perception and mental proliferation
  8. M 9 Sammaditthi Sutta (Sariputta on the nature of direct spiritual experience)
  9. M 10 Satipatthana Sutta (How to cultivate clear presence of mind)
  10. M 10 Satipatthana Mula (Sujato) pdf
  11. M 10 [D 22 & other files] Go to Digha Nikaya 
  12. M 10 [Gotamaka Cetiya Sutta, A 3.122] Go to Anguttara Nikaya
  13. M12.17-19 Maha Sihanada Sutta The Buddha’s Knowledge of the World
  14. M 12.44-63 Maha Sihanada Sutta The Bodhisattva’s austerities 
  15. M 13 Maha Dukkhakkhandha Sutta On the pains of pleasures.
  16. M 14 Cula Dukkhakkhandha Sutta The nature of true happiness 
  17. M 18 Madhupindika Sutta  (Perception and mental proliferation)
  18. M 20 Vitakkasanthana Sutta How to overcome distracting thoughts during meditation. 
  19. M 22 Alagaddupama Sutta How to study the Dharma effectively
  20. M 23 Vammika Sutta Similes for the spiritual training
  21. M 26 Ariyapariyesana Sutta The Discourse on the Noble Quest (The Events Leading up to the Great Awakening)
  22. M 28 Maha Hatthipadopama Sutta The 4 elements & dependent arising of the 5 aggregates.
  23. M 35 Cula Saccaka Sutta The conversion of a boastful debater
  24. M 36.17-44 Maha Saccaka Sutta The Bodhisattva’s search up to the Great Enlightenment 
  25. M 38 Maha Tanhasankhaya Sutta Consciousness, rebirth and liberation.
  26. M 39 Maha Assapura Sutta A recluse should be worth his salt
  27. M 41 Saleyyaka Sutta How the precepts guide and liberate us.
  28. M 53 Sekha Sutta The one on the path to spiritual awakening
  29. M 56 Upali Sutta  A famous Jain becomes the Buddha’s disciple
  30. M 57 Kukkuravatika Sutta As you act, by that you are reborn
  31. M 58 Abhaya Rajakumara Sutta The Buddha and trick questions.
  32. M 61 Ambalatthika Rahulovada Sutta Importance of constant self-reflection. 
  33. M 62 Maha Rahulovada Sutta (The elements & breath meditations)
  34. M 64 Maha Malunkyaputta Sutta (The 5 mental fetters and the latent tendencies)
  35. M 66 Latukikopama Sutta [pdf] (SD 28.11) (Overcoming all the mental fetters)
  36. M 70 Kitagiri Sutta (Faith, learning and sainthood)
  37. M 72 Aggi Vacchagotta Sutta (Nirvana and the problem of language) pdf
  38. M 73 Maha Vacchagotta Sutta The awakening of Vacchagotta as an arhat
  39. M 74 Dighanakha Sutta (Understanding feelings overcomes wrong view; Sariputta’s awakeing)
  40. M 77.15-21 Maha Sakuludayi Sutta The 37 limbs of awakening.
  41. M 86 Angulimala Sutta The reformation of a serial killer.
  42. M 90 Kannakatthala Sutta Omniscience; caste; do gods return?
  43. M 95 Canki Sutta (Belief & knowledge; Preserving, discovering, and attaining truth)
  44. M 97 Dhananjani Sutta Sariputta guides a dying person to the Brahma world 
  45. M 100 Sangarava Sutta Do gods exist?
  46. M 101 Devadaha Sutta (Self-mortification; fatalism; karma, omniscience) pdf
  47. M 113 Sappurisa Sutta The true individual and the false individual pdf
  48. M 117 Maha Cattarisaka Sutta Right view & how the noble eightfold path works.
  49. M 118 Anapanasati Sutta The mindfulenss of the breath (a meditation) pdf
  50. M 119 Kayagatasati Sutta  Satipatthana through watching the body
  51. M120 Sankharupapatti Sutta How to choose a good rebirth 
  52. M 121 Cula Sunnata Sutta (Realizing impermanence in the highest meditation)
  53. M 122 Maha Sunnata Sutta (The joy of spiritual solitude)
  54. M 124 Bakkula Sutta  (The post-Buddha arhat ideal) The story of a fish: living well, dying well.
  55. M 128 Anuruddha Upakkilesa Sutta (The Discourse on Mental Impurities) Spiritual friendship and mental development.
  56. M 129 Balapandita Sutta The Discourse on the Foolish and the Wise.
  57. M 130 Devaduta Sutta The Discourse on the Divine Messenger [The Four Sights and Their Meanings]
  58. M 131 Bhaddekaratta Sutta Living here and now
  59. M 136 Maha Kammavibhnaga Sutta Why sometimes the good suffer, the evil prosper.
  60. M 139 Aranavibhanga Sutta There are no problem people, only people with problems
  61. M 140 Dhatu Vibhanga Sutta (Discovering the teacher through the teaching)
  62. M 141 Sacca Vibhanga Sutta (The four noble truths and spiritual friendship)
  63. M 142 Dakkhinavibhanga Sutta (The early nuns and the position of women in early Buddhism)
  64. M 143 Anathapindikovada Sutta (Sariputta counsels a dying layman)
  65. M 144 Channovada Sutta (Suicide: the arhats do not fear death) (pdf)
  66. M 143 Anathapindikovada Sutta Sariputta counsels a dying layman.
  67. M 145 Punnovada Sutta  (When are we ready to teach the Dharma?) (pdf)
  68. M 148 Cha Chakka Sutta Understand the six senses leads to liberation.

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